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24 April 2019

Council President Nikolić tours China’s Sinopharm International

President of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China Tomislav Nikolić toured China’s Sinopharm International.

 Council President Nikolić tours China’s Sinopharm International

Photograph: National Council

General Manager Li Can stressed that Sinopharm was the largest healthcare company in China, ranking first in China and sixth globally regarding pharmaceutical production and distribution and medical equipment manufacturing. Sinopharm devotes considerable attention to medical research, employing 3500 researchers, and to social responsibility. It also owns 50 hospitals in China. “In Serbia we started off with the Niš Clinical Centre, aiming to launch and implement new projects in Kragujevac and Novi Sad, thus contributing to a better health protection in Serbia. The future holds in store a long-term cooperation between Sinopharm International and Serbia. The pattern for our cooperation could involve an investment aimed at opening a GH, individually or together with a Serbian company, or a medical equipment factory. Chinese authorities believe that medical equipment can be made in Serbia. China and Serbia could cooperate in sectors of health and health protection. The Government of China supports Sinopharm International in execution of new projects in Serbia, and the Bank of China endorses us investment-wise”. In the talks, Sinopharm International representatives expressed their willingness to sign an MoU with the Serbian Ministry of Health, paving the way to future cooperation.

“I attended the Niš Clinical Centre opening ceremony and I am familiar with its design and the quality of medical equipment produced in your factory. I have been following the implementation of your project in Doboj, Republic of Srpska. I am confident that Sinopharm International can also implement its Serbian projects with success. Our cities are in need of general hospitals, while conditions exist for building a new factory to operate successfully, since Serbia has a long-standing tradition in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Kragujevac has a Clinical Center, but not a GH to admit patients for specialist check-ups and minor surgical procedures, so this is an opportunity for you to participate in the implementation of the Kragujevac GH project together with the Serbian Government. We would like Sinopharm to take root in Serbia”, Council President Nikolić underscored.