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15 May 2019

It is a great privilege for Serbia to be the country guest of honour at the Xiamen Fair

President of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China Tomislav Nikolić had a meeting today in Belgrade with a delegation from Xiamen, discussing the approaching China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), to be held in Xiamen, in September.

 It is a great privilege for Serbia to be the country guest of honour at the Xiamen Fair

Photograph: National Council

“Your Province is home to Zijin, which partnered with MSC Bor. Zijin is a business role model and the best ambassador of Serbia in the eyes of future Chinese investors. It is a great privilege for Serbia to be invited to the Xiamen Fair as a country guest of honour. We are also grateful for the fact that Serbia will be given preference in capitalizing on all opportunities offered by CIFIT. We gave serious consideration to your letter of invitation and we are to discuss the conditions of our participation and the ways of introducing ourselves at the Fair in the coming period. First and foremost, we will examine the ways of making Serbia’s participation, which we see as a major challenge, beneficial to both sides. The Government of Serbia has decided to accept the privilege of being the guest of honour and we will do our utmost to introduce ourselves the best way we can. I hope that the Government of Serbia, local governments and Serbian entrepreneurs will take the chance that you offer. Serbia wants to work together with China, to the mutual benefit”, Council President Nikolić underlined.

“The CIFIT Fair, to be held in Xiamen in September 2019, is the largest global investment fair offering huge prospects for all its participants. The Fair is a platform for two-way investments and a stepping stone to achieving considerable economic results. CIFIT has received official endorsement from President Xi Jinping, who looks at it as an opportunity to cooperate with the rest of the world. By participating in the Fair, states could not only gain an insight into the sea changes happening in China, but also make use of a unique opportunity to find the most suitable business partners by presenting their projects. We will provide Serbia with all the support in order for its participation to be as successful as possible. We expect Serbia to provide information relating to the participating companies, so that we could arrange separate meetings with investors in time. The aim is to have Serbia achieve the best economic performance results possible, owing to its guest of honour status”, Head of the Xiamen delegation Jiang Meiyue underlined.