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24 October 2019

Serbia and China reach an extraordinary level of cooperation

President of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China Tomislav Nikolić talked today in Belgrade with a delegation from the Chinese Province of Liaoning, headed by its Vice-Governor Mr.Chen Xiangqun.

 Serbia and China reach an extraordinary level of cooperation

“Serbia and China have reached an extraordinary level of cooperation, and companies from various Chinese provinces are doing very well in Serbia. Over the past years we have insisted on a higher level of cooperation with China, namely on Serbia-based joint production for the third markets. Up until now, I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Liaoning representatives, but I am aware of its economy’s top position in the northeast of China, and of its highly developed petrochemical industry, metallurgy, and automobile and aviation industry. I am confident that we can achieve excellent cooperation in all areas that you take interest in. China is synonymous with hard work, and a country which is yet to achieve great things, while Serbia is ready for further joint progress”, Council President Nikolić emphasized.

“You have made an enormous contribution to the enhancement of collaboration between our two countries, the people of China considers you to be an outstanding leader. The Sino-Serbian political and economic cooperation is moving in good direction, owing to the wisdom of China’s President Xi Jinping and the wisdom of Serbian leaders. Our Province is following in the footsteps of President Xi’s idea to develop, through the 17+1 cooperation mechanism, effective cooperation to the benefit of all sides. The Province of Liaoning is the site of some of China’s biggest raw material reserves, being a major manufacturer of crude iron, metals and metal-cutting machinery. We devote utmost attention to the development of modern technologies and state-of-the-art development in economic and agricultural production, and we the representatives of Liaoning will strongly endorse the establishment of successful cooperation between our companies and Serbian entrepreneurs, the Vice Governor of Liaoning underlined.