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29 November 2019

Council President Nikolić in meeting with the CIC delegation

President of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China Tomislav Nikolić talked today in Belgrade with a delegation from the China Investment Corporation (CIC), headed by its Executive Vice President Liu Jun, and with the representatives of the Bank of China’s Belgrade arm.

 Council President Nikolić in meeting with the CIC delegation

Photograph: National Council

“The fact that you are present in Serbia today testifies to the continuation of the good collaboration established directly with the Bank of China in Belgrade. China and Serbia have extraordinarily friendly relations based on the strong support that China lends to Serbia, and our relations are being enhanced through economic cooperation, in the mutual interest. China’s support in the joint production sector is very precious to us. Serbia and China should jointly produce and export goods to the third markets, for markets in many countries are open to Serbia owing to free trade agreements. When it comes to our relations, I hope that collaboration in joint production will be upgraded in the future. The Bank of China has always supported the implementation of major investments in Serbia, and I hope that we will continue to cooperate successfully”, Council President Nikolić stressed.

“The China Investment Corporation was founded in 2007 as a state-owned investment fund with registered capital of $200 billion and we are one of the shareholders of the Bank of China. We either own or have a considerable stake in many facilities around the world, for instance we are shareholders in London’s Heathrow Airport and we hold the significant stake in the Port of Melbourne. The share of our investment portfolio amounts to 40% in the US and 30% in the EU countries. We want to accelerate the development of the Belt and Road initiative by endorsing economically justifiable projects, as it is our intention to expand investments in Eastern Europe. Nowadays we export our capital and we aim for the social stability of China, while contributing to the development of other nations and working to the benefit of all future generations”, CIC Executive Vice President Liu Jun underlined.