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5 May 2022

Council President calls on China’s CSCEC to continue investing in Serbia

 Council President calls on China’s CSCEC to continue investing in Serbia

President of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China Tomislav Nikolić talked today to the Serbian Office representatives of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. (CSCEC), headed by its Regional Director Mr. Chang Chan San.

“Sino-Serbian cooperation should not come to a halt, despite the current situation in Europe. Our cooperation over the past decade has been extraordinary and the successful completion of numerous projects in all areas, especially in infrastructure, energy and mining, testifies to the fact. President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping was clear in his position that, from China’s point of view, Serbia is the vital part of Europe. Serbia offers favourable investment conditions and room for infrastructural and manufacturing projects, we have entered into FTAs with countries from nearly all over the world. If it had not been for the collaboration with China, we would not have the motorways we see today. I am calling on you to continue making investment plans for Serbia,” Council President Nikolić highlighted.

“Our company’s first Serbian project was the construction of the Chinese Cultural Centre and it is a great honour for us that you and President of China Xi Jinping participated in the cornerstone laying ceremony. When it comes to this project, we carried out the façade works and the finishing interior works. Our company’s projects also include the underground car park near Studentski Park (Students’ Park) and the residential-commercial complex Vila Banjica, where we are currently working on the main design. We are also working on a reconstruction project, i.e. the building of a new Chinese shopping mall at the site of the former Chinese mall in Block 70, which recently burned down in a fire. We also find the Yusei factory project in Niš and the Haitian factory project in Ruma very important. The first stage of the latter amounts to 100 000 square metres, the second to around 150 000 square metres, and we expect the design stage to be launched this month. Our company devotes much attention to social responsibility, too. In this regard, we had the great honour of making a charitable donation, together with the Dragica Nikolić Foundation, to children without parental care in Leskovac. In March 2020, we donated epidemic prevention equipment to the Government of Serbia and we are in talks with the City of Belgrade about a donation towards the loft renovation at the Reception Centre for the Children of Belgrade. Our social responsibility and the projects we run and carry out in Serbia are based on the steel-strong friendship between China and Serbia. I am aware of the major contribution that you have personally made to the development of the Sino-Serbian friendship and to the promotion of our cooperation within the Belt and Road initiative. We look forward to receiving further support on the part of the Serbian Government for future projects and their successful completion. When it comes to the motorway section between Bački Breg and Nakovo, we expect the MoU to be signed in the near future,” the CSCEC Regional Director underlined.