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Predsednik Nacionalnog saveta Tomislav Nikolić sa predstavnicima "Bank of China Serbia"

President of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China Tomislav Nikolić met a delegation of the Bank of China Srbija, headed by President of the Bank’s Executive Board Mr. Liu Xiaofei.

“Opening of the Bank of China Srbija is a major development for our country, as its presence and business operations add significant impetus to the further advancement of the two countries’ economic relations. The National Council will strive to bring the Chinese and Serbian partners together, having in mind our goal of Serbia-based production of goods to be exported to the European market, on which we will insist in our talks with Chinese delegations. I want the relations between China and Serbia to develop, we have always been friends”, Mr. Nikolić underlined.

Mr. Liu Xiaofei, President of the Bank of China Srbija Executive Board, informed Council President Nikolić about the Bank’s business operations over the past six months, highlighting that the main objective of the Bank of China’s business policy was to offer the best possible services to Serbian enterprises and establish contacts with Chinese companies interested in launching production in Serbia. “We are constantly in touch with Chinese manufacturers, as we encourage them to come and invest in Serbia, we want the employment rate in Serbia to rise as much as possible. The Bank of China fully supports Serbian companies wishing to expand their business operations to China, since the Chinese market is huge, and Serbian products are of very good quality”, Mr. Liu Xiaofei underscored.

“The Government of the People’s Republic of China has lent its support to the Bank of China regarding the Budapest economic forum scheduled for October, we wish to assist Serbian enterprises in presenting themselves in the best possible manner and achieving adequate results on the occasion”, Mr. Liu Xiaofei added.

Chairman of the Bank of China Tian Guoli sent a message to Mr. Nikolić from Beijing, welcoming the establishment of the National Council, which he thought testified to the importance that Serbia attached to cooperation with China. Mr. Nikolić spoke in complimentary terms about the Bank of China’s intention to turn Belgrade into a regional hub of its South-East Europe activities. The meeting was also attended by Vice President of the Bank of China Srbija Executive Board Lianqi Zhu, Member of the Bank’s Board of Directors Željko Sertić, Member of the National Council Ivan Mrkić and Acting Director at the Office of the National Council.