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5 December 2018

National Council President Nikolić meets NDRC delegation

President of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China Tomislav Nikolić met today a delegation of the PRC National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) headed by Ms. Ding Jie, paying a visit to Belgrade to discuss harmonization of the Serbia-China Bilateral Cooperation Plan with the relevant Serbian Government Ministries.

 National Council President Nikolić meets NDRC delegation

Photograph: National Council

“President Xi’s Belt and Road vision has prompted many entrepreneurs to come to Serbia, which opened the doors straight to the execution of major projects, especially in infrastructure and energy sectors, like in the case of the Smederevo Steelworks privatization and the establishment of a strategic partnership between Zijin and MSC Bor. It is heartening to hear that Serbia and China are stepping up efforts for joint production based in Serbia. We are grateful for the Draft Bilateral Cooperation Plan, to be discussed today with representatives of Serbia’s competent Ministries. The plan at hand proves that both Serbia and China are developing cooperation in all areas, to the benefit of our two peoples”, Mr. Nikolić underlined.

“The 2016 signing of the Statement on the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership took the relationship between the two countries to an entirely new level. Serbia is a friendly country lending constant support to the Belt and Road initiative and to the 16+1 cooperation mechanism. The successful implementation of Sino-Serbian projects within the Belt and Road initiative, such as the construction of Pupin Bridge, E-763 motorway, Smederevo Steelworks privatization and the Belgrade-Budapest rail construction is going hand in hand with the development of our economic cooperation, while the implementation of these projects reverberates strongly among Eastern European states. The recently opened Serbian Cultural Centre in Beijing is another proof of our good cooperation in the areas of education, science and tourism. By signing the MoU on the Joint Formulation of the Bilateral Cooperation Plan under the Belt and Road umbrella, China and Serbia are continuing their constant work on the expansion of their synergy. We have come to Serbia to encourage the implementation of the Bilateral Cooperation Plan”, Head of the NDRC delegation Ding Jie underlined.

After the meeting with Council President Nikolić, the NDRC delegation continued the talks with the Serbian Ministry representatives in charge of the areas covered by the Bilateral Cooperation Plan, at the offices of the National Council.