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22 October 2019

Council President Nikolić talks to CAIFU delegation

President of the National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China Tomislav Nikolić talked today in Belgrade with a delegation of the Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAIFU), led by Vice-President Ai Ping.

 Council President Nikolić talks to CAIFU delegation

Photograph: National Council

In the meeting, the two sides exchanged views about the current political and economic situation in international relations, and about the opportunities for the promotion of bilateral cooperation with the aim of rendering direct tangible benefits for both Serbian and Chinese citizens.

“The Chinese Association was founded by the Communist Party of China, civil society organizations, scientists and Chinese citizens across the board. The aim of CAIFU’s work is the promotion of mutual understanding and cooperation between the people of China and peoples of other countries. CAIFU realizes its goals by implementing a number of activities in international relations through political cooperation with other political parties, friendly exchange and dialogue, and by vehicle of economic, cultural and educational cooperation. The aim of our visit is to learn in what ways we can encourage the development of cooperation between our peoples and we have already discussed this issue with representatives of Belgrade University. Ambassador of China Chen Bo has already informed us that the relations between China and Serbia are developing extraordinarily well in all areas, be it construction of infrastructural facilities, investments of Chinese companies or cooperation in the sectors of finance, science or culture. We think that there is always room for further deepening of cooperation between our peoples”, Vice-President Ai Ping said.

“Serbia has embarked upon cooperation with China through implementation of infrastructural projects, and today we are witnessing an entirely new level of cooperation in the form of joint production for third markets. The number of Chinese tourists in Serbia has been on the rise, Serbian spas are ready for fresh investments. Serbian food products boast the highest quality, our food is healthy and we can export our goods to the Chinese market and everything that we produce together can be placed around the world. There are no outstanding issues between us, and the investments that we are realizing in tandem with China are a chance at Serbia’s development. Serbia has realized in time the magnitude of cooperation with China, and we will strive to always be a reliable partner in all areas of cooperation”, Council President Nikolić stressed.